Levan Ilashvili

Mobile, Web & Software developer


Tbilisi, Georgia


+(995) 595 133 113



I am professional web and software developer, with 7+ years experience of working on enterprise solutions.

I wrote my first lines of code when I was 12, and since then programming became my passion of life. I completed 7-year program of advanced algorithms when I was 17. During 2005-2010 I participated in series of olympiads in mathematics and programming.

In 2012, I started teaching programming in Mziuri, IT center. Also,I started job in Liberty Bank as junior web-developer. In short time, I gained enough experience to become lead developer of Swoop.ge, one of the leading discount websites in Georgia. Since then I participated in different projects of Liberty Bank.

In March 2014, I changed my job and moved to Nova Technologies, where I developed some in-house projects and software.

In November 2014, I moved to Bureau of Troubled Assets, where I was offered position of lead developer. I happily accepted this offer and moved to new job, where new era of my career began.

In 2015, I developed software for working with troubled assest. This project included working with big data, multiple types of databases and complex architecture. During 2015-2017 years, I developed software for financial organizations - WinCredit, MoneyBus, Capital Express

In 2017, I took first steps in blockchain technologies and launched my own project, btx.ge, cloud-mining platform. Soon after, I launched DigiWallet - crypto-exchange platform, which was written by me from scratch.

Besides all mentioned, I have worked with many different companies as outsource developer and consultant.


What I'm very good at

Design of complex software architecture

I have 5+ years experience of working on enterprise solutions in financial organizations. I can design and develop software with n-tier architecture using best practices



Despite of knowing multiple programming languages, C# is my favourite and - logically - my primary language to write software. Deep knowledge of C# and .NET framework enables me to solve practically every problem


Database development

I have designed and developed databases for practically every major software in my portfolio. I have deep knowledge of T-SQL and have 5+ years of experience with SQL Server. Besides that, I have 3+ years of experience with MongoDB, which I use in many of my projects



I have deep knowledge of advanced algorithms related to graph theory, binary trees, etc. I have completed 7-year course of advanced algorithms and participated in number of programming contests. This experience helps me find optimal solutions for difficult problems


List is growing over time

Programming languages & technologies

C#, T-SQL, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Java (Android Development), React-Native, PHP - Laravel Framework, NodeJS


SQL Server, MongoDB, Neo4J

Front-end development

TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular 7, React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework


My full-time jobs
2019 - present

Product Savvy Consulting

Mobile Application Developer, full-stack developer


Currently developing company's in-house project - WolfPack's new version using React Native

2014 - present

Bureau of Troubled Assets

Senior software & web developer; Team lead


After creating software from scratch for this company, my responsibilities in Bureau of Troubled Assets are:

  • Designing and implementing software architecture
  • Optimization software performance
  • Developing APIs for company's partners
  • Developing additional features for software according to business requirements
  • Analyzing business requirements, writing core software features and assigning tasks to developers
  • Optimization of SQL Server stored procedures, implementing database changes according to business requirements
Besides all mentioned above, my responsibilities include developing software for our 'daughter companies' and partners


JSC Nova technologies

Web & developer


My responsibilities in Nova Technologies were writing software for in-house projects. Also, I had role of consultant for Nova Technology's project - DealBox

2012 – 2014

JSC Liberty Bank

Software & Web developer


As software and web-developer, my job was to develop and support existing sofware modules. In 2013, I was assigned to one of the bank's owned projects - Swoop.ge and by the end of 2013, I had rewritten website from scratch, taking the business to new level.

2010 – 2014


Course instructor


As course instructor, I mentored and lectured class attendees and taught basics of algorithms, C# and C++ and Java (mainly Android Development)


Experience > Degrees
2003 - 2009


Advanced algorithms

Tbilisi, Georgia

During this course we learned number of advanced algorithms to work with graphs, binary trees, large data processing, etc. During these 7 years I participated in number of math and programming contests


Public School #77


Tbilisi, Georgia

Graduated public school #77 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Notable projects


Founded, developed and launched largest crypto-exchange platform in region - DigiWallet, supporting more than 20 cryptocurrencies. This project required designing very complex architecture and creation of multiple services. This project is using different languages and technologies: ASP.NET MVC, NodeJS, Python and Go



Developed Bitcoin cloud-mining portal btx.ge



Developed loans' website MoneyBus.ge, with loan application managment and multiple payment channel integration



Developed payday loans' website WinCredit, with loan application managment and multiple payment channel integration


Software for managing troubled assets

Wrote software for #1 troubled assets managment company from scratch, according to business needs. I was lead developer / architecture and database designer of this software, which is currently used by 3 major companies as primary software



#1 discounts' website in Georgia. Rewrote whole website from scratch and took business to new level